Have you ever wondered why thunderstorms occur? The weather is ever changing and understanding the how’s and why’s of weather can be found at WYMT Weather Class. A WYMT Meteorologist/Weather Person will discuss topics that affect you daily. From Hurricanes to Winter Storms, Spring Showers to Summer Droughts, plus Safety Tips, WYMT Weather Class can both educate and entertain. So the next time someone asks you a weather question, or if you are wondering yourself, log on to WYMT Weather Class and find out. If you have questions concerning weather topics, all you have to do is email us by CLICKING HERE. If you want a WYMT Meteorologist/Weather Person to visit your classroom, fill out the form linked below. Check back often at Weather Class for updated videos and Safety tips. Weather Class is sponsored by Kentucky Power. To learn more about your Electric Universe® click here.

Teachers, if you would like to have a WYMT Meteorologist/Weather Person visit your classroom, please send an e-mail to the address below. Please specify your school, grade, the best phone number to reach you, and your preference for dates when a WYMT Meteorologist/Weather Person can come to your class.

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