East Tennessee church helping Ukrainian refugees

Hardin Valley Church of Christ in Hardin Valley has completed mission trips to Ukraine for more than 10 years.
Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 5:55 PM EST
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HARDIN VALLEY, Tenn. (WVLT) - As hundreds in Ukraine work to flee from the country, one East Tennessee group is planning to help them with supplies. Michael Lawson with Hardin Valley Church of Christ went on mission trips to Ukraine for over a decade and has several friends there.

“They watched the bombing at the airport; the main airport we fly into a lot,” Lawson said.

Lawson’s friends found safety for now, but it’s unknown what it’ll be like in the days ahead.

“They tried to get train tickets. Train tickets are sold,” Lawson said. “That city is in gridlock. It would be impossible to get out of there. They’re wondering how they could get out.”

Lawson described Ukrainian people as very loving and willing to do anything for others. But eight years ago, Lawson visited Ukraine during the ongoing war between Ukrainians and pro-Russian separatists. Lawson feared the destruction he witnessed then could happen again.

“My fingers are cold. My knees are cold; shaking so it’s a devastating effect,” Lawson said.

The church is planning to help Ukrainian refugees with what they call family buckets. People willing to donate are asked to fill the buckets with household items that’ll be shipped overseas.

Hardin Valley Church of Christ’s minister, Larry Cline, said, “We know God can use us to help and to make a difference.”

Here is a list of items the church is asking for:

The “Bucket List”:

3 hand towels (can be thinner ones)3 dishcloths (can be thinner ones) 1 set/2 pot holders4 coffee mugs (used/clean or inexpensive are fine

Silverware (Fork, Dinner Spoon, Knife x 6)

1 box Kitchen matches

1 box emergency candles (or similar candles)

1 plastic clothesline/rope

1 Food Storage box (i.e. small plastic storage, Gladware, etc.)

Paring knives

1 Strainer bowl

1 Cutting board (small to fit in a bucket)

1 vegetable cleaning brush

1 grater

1 scrubbing brush with hand grip

1 pkg. of 4 heavy-duty scouring pads

1 pair adult scissors

1 Bottle Dawn Dish soap (24 oz.)

Band-Aids & antibiotic ointment

1 bottle Dial antibacterial hand soap (personal size)

1 stick men’s deodorant (i.e. Speed Stick, etc.)

1 stick women’s deodorant (i.e. Lady Speed, etc.)

1 tube of toothpaste❑ 3 packages of two count toothbrushes

1 bottle of shampoo (i.e. White Rain, Suave, etc.)

2 bars bath soap (i.e. Dial, Irish Spring, Zest, etc.)

Other small items to fill space in buckets (such as small spiral note pads, pens, small flashlights, band-aids, small packages Kleenex, toy, coloring book, a box of crayons, etc.)

While the church continues to offer as much help as possible, the best thing they can offer is a prayer for Ukrainians.

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