Mountain Top Ten

2019 Preseason Alice Lloyd College Mountain Top 10 released

South Laurel, Southwestern top final Alice Lloyd College Mountain Top 10

Jaguars, Lady Tigers enter the Alice Lloyd College Mountain Top 10

Three teams enter Girls' Top 10 as Boys' jostle for position

Girls see little changes while 9 of the 10 Boy's teams move

Teams stay the same in Mountain Top Ten but move around

After winning the 14th All-A, Wolfe County and Knott Central make the Top 10

Clay County tops Mountain Top 10 as they are just one of two undefeated teams

South Laurel sweeps the final Mountain Top 10 of 2018

Paintsville, Floyd Central Move up in the Mountain Top 10

Harlan County new No. 1 on girls' side while Cardinals lead boys' side

Alice Lloyd College has new top girls team as standings are jostled around

JC takes top spot in final Alice LLoyd College Mountain Top 10

Pulaski County enters Mountain Top 10 after Lynn Camp falls

Paintsville enters Mountain Top 10 as a team falls out

Alice Lloyd College Mountain Top 10 remains unscathed after week seven

Mountain Top 10 stays the same, minus movement in last four spots.

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