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There is this moment when a student’s face lights up with an understanding of how this thing called science and math affects their lives. The Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky lives for those moments.

Since the Center opened in 1999, over 155,000 students have been immersed in the thrills of space technology, the joys of exploration and the inspiration to become future leaders. To the Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky, these are not just students, these are your children, grandchildren and our future.

For all of eastern Kentucky, the Challenger Learning Center is continuing the educational mission of the Challenger Space Shuttle Crew tragically lost in the 1986 disaster by providing unique programs that inspire and motivate students to learn. Imagine giving students the opportunity to be part of a space-themed simulated learning experience—rich with NASA-inspired technologies, and role-playing strategies—bringing their classroom studies to life.  The Center also provides community outreach programs like First LEGO League Robotics, MIT Engineering experiences, interactive programs in electronics, coding, and computer gaming and summer enrichment.  Through these learning experiences, students cultivate skills needed for future success, including problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork.

We need your help! The Challenger Learning Center is investing in the future of our youth as we strive to constantly upgrade and improve the programs we provide for the young people of eastern Kentucky. We ask that you join us and help to “Continue the Mission by making a financial contribution. We thank you!

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