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State Legislature

Lawmakers voice concerns, debate new safety measures at Kentucky Capitol

Kentucky legislature forms bipartisan pension working group

Kentucky Senate votes to shift power to select school principals

Lawmaker hopes state's action lead to demise of Roe v. Wade

Lawmaker pushes gun safety and "common sense gun control" legislation

Lawmakers release details on medical marijuana bill, senator shares personal experience

Kentucky legislature gavels in to begin 2019 session, Jim Glenn seated

Kentucky lawmaker pre-files bill to prohibit abortion after heartbeat is detectable

Lawmaker pre-files bill to make telemarketers use real caller ID

Kentucky lawmaker pre-files bill to raise minimum wage

Kentucky senator pre-files bill to allow employers to discriminate against smokers

Kentucky abortion battle shifts to second-trimester ban

Update: Opponents to "In God We Trust" bill express concerns

Kentucky lawmakers urged to update ethics law to combat harassment

A.G. Beshear prepares as pension battle moves to the next level

Several newly passed laws go into effect July 14, many changes ahead

Move over cars; New cycling law goes into effect Saturday

Governor Bevin's team taking pension lawsuit back to court

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