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Health Department offers 3-day walk-in hepatitis A and flu clinic

Floyd County Health Department provides vaccines at three-day hepatitis A clinic

Diseases spread by ticks hit record level in U.S.

Blood pressure drug recall expands again

Scientists: Five-minute neck scan can spot dementia 10 years earlier

'Move more, sit less,' government says in new exercise guidelines

Aetna ordered to pay $25.5 million after denying coverage to woman who died of cancer

FDA plans to launch new restrictions on e-cigarette flavors

Kratom use in pregnancy may cause withdrawal symptoms in newborns

University of Kentucky hospital cafeteria worker diagnosed with hepatitis A

Study: Obesity, low BMI linked to increased risk of death

Texas woman has breast cancer surgery on Facebook Live

Tall people at greater risk of cancer, study says

Stress might lead to memory loss and brain shrinkage, study says

Local pharmacies struggle with run on hepatitis A vaccines as cases increase

Oat cereals, snack bars test positive for trace amounts of weed killer in Roundup

Health Officials: Hepatitis A confirmed at Leslie County Detention Center

Study: Not exercising may be even more deadly than smoking, diabetes, heart disease

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