House Republicans unveil bills for second round of tax cuts

Consumer confidence hits 18-year high

Jobless rates fall in 110 Kentucky counties for July 2018

Your credit rating suddenly jumped? Here's why

9 tax deductions individuals can no longer claim in 2018

An Eastern Kentucky County has the highest unemployment in the state

McDonald's to hire thousands of workers in Kentucky

Ag Commissioner: Hemp contributing millions to Kentucky economy

Activists with the New Poor People's Campaign make a stop in Harlan County

Senate discusses new budget concerning state cigarette tax

Claire's latest retailer to file for bankruptcy protection

Appalachian Regional Commission hosts workshops to benefit coal-impacted regions

Target employees will soon get a dollar an hour raise

Kentucky could tax opioids to close budget gap

Lawmakers tackle Kentucky's struggling pension system

Eastern Kentucky Farmer Convention begins

Republican lawmakers to reveal pension reform plan on Tuesday

Braidy Industries progresses plans for Kentucky aluminum mill, new hires and promotions

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