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About Us

Taylor Metal Roofing & Siding can supply all of your metal roofing and siding needs from our "STATE-OF-THE-ART" manufacturing centers in Prestonsburg & Jenkins, KY. Taylor Metal and Roofing wants you to know we offer you the BEST in all forms of Metal and Corrosion Resistant Materials to make you home or business "The BEST On The Block!" Give us a CALL TODAY or visit one of out two locations at Jenkins and Prestonsburg. We look forward to making your home look fabulous!

Why choose a Metal Roof over Shingled Roof?

Metal was first used on a roof over 5,000 years ago and has proven itself as a quality roofing material in modern times. Even back then, Metal Roofing was chosen for its longevity and duribility. Today's advancement in Metal Roofing Technology and Space-Age Materials makes contractors more confident in it as primary source for roofing over outdated materials as shingles and ceramic applications.

Consider the superior features of metal roofing:

  1. * Non-combustible
  2. * Corrosion resistant
  3. * Fully recyclable
  4. * Suitable for extreme weather conditions
  5. * Can often be installed over an existing roof saving tear off costs and disposal problems
  6. * Attractive
  7. * Cost-effective

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