Winning at every level: A look back at Randy McCoy's 40-year coaching career

Published: May. 20, 2019 at 11:41 PM EDT
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Basketball has taken Randy McCoy all around the country.

"Coming from Marrowbone, Kentucky and the places I've been, it's pretty interesting for a boy off Marrowbone, I can tell you," McCoy said.

The KABC Court of Honor member has also done it all in the coaching ranks.

"He's won at every level," Trevor Thacker said, who played for McCoy at Elkhorn City from 1995-1999. "I've never been around a coach that's had the success he's had."

McCoy won the 15th Region championship in 1993 at Elkhorn City, took Pikeville College to an NAIA Final Four in 2001, won the All "A" Classic title with University Heights in 2008, and won the 15th Region All "A" championship in 2017.

Everywhere McCoy goes, he brings back a trophy.

"Everywhere Randy McCoy goes, he wins," Appalachian News-Express's Randy White said. White has covered McCoy since he was the head coach at Pikeville College.

McCoy did it all with his own personal style that included intensity on the sideline.

"That's just what Randy McCoy does," White said. "He'll find any way to fire his kids up, whether it's getting a technical or yelling, or trying to make some kind of point."

McCoy's 40-year career that started with a favor from a friend.

"We had a player up there back in the 70s - Jimmy Kent Kerr. That was the reason coach got to come to Pikeville," Thacker recalled.

McCoy was given a manager position by Wayne Martin, the head coach at Pikeville College.

"I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but that was four of the greatest years of my life - being in school there," McCoy said.

It was those four years with Martin, along with nine at Morehead State, that started McCoy's journey as a winning basketball head coach.

"That's where they had, I guess, his first real taste of success," Thacker said.

However, winning basketball games wasn't the most important thing McCoy did as a head coach.

"That's what it's all about. Relationships," McCoy said. "We don't have any kids ourselves, but I think back - my kids are doing a lot of great things."

He became a father figure to his players, something that his players reciprocated.

"When you go to East Ridge, they refer to him as dad," White said.

"Once he was your coach, he was your coach for life," Thacker added.

McCoy's coaching days are not officially over - the former East Ridge coach says he has not made his decision yet.

"I was kidding them the other day, when I said I quit I didn't say I was retiring," McCoy said.

Should he hang up the whistle for good, Mccoy would take with him 401 wins at the high school level, an All "A " Classic state title, and NCAA and NAIA tournament appearances, along with the memories of a 40+ year career.

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