Why John Calipari won't shy away from taking pictures with celebrities

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - John Calipari enjoys surrounding himself with other successful people and never misses an opportunity to smile and take a picture.

"I work at this game. I work for my kids. I study the game, but I like to do other things," said Calipari.

The Kentucky coach maintains he's more than just a basketball coach.

"I like to go to baseball games. I like to go to football games. I like to be at practices. I like to be around people who have had success," said Calipari.

When coach Cal isn't coaching his Wildcats, he's rubbing shoulders with a who's who from the world of sports, entertainment, and politics.

"The way I grew up, it's amazing that I get to know these people," said Calipari.

When it comes to politics, he isn't afraid to cross party lines.

"From the Clinton's to the Obama's to the Bush's, I mean (George) H.W. was one of my favorites," said Calipari. "I'll take pictures. I haven't met Bernie Sanders, so I haven't gone that far, but I would if I saw him."

He even admits to being star struck a time or two.

"President Bush when we went in to say hello he said hey Cal. I'm like ooh geeze, he called me Cal. I mean are you kidding me?" said Calipari. "I'm from Moon Township, (PA) right near the railroad tracks, and now I'm able to walk with these guys?"

While fans may not always like the athletes, celebrities, or politicians he's posing with, to that Calipari says.

"Oh I'm taking pictures," said Calipari. "You can be mad, sad, peed off, peed on. You can be whatever you want, but I'm taking pictures, and I'm excited to be there to meet those people who have had success and have done good things."

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