Virginia Tech's Kerry Blackshear Jr. withdraws from NBA Draft; Kentucky is on the clock

Pitt Athletics. Kerry Blackshear Jr.
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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WYMT/CBS SPORTS) Virginia Tech's Kerry Blackshear Jr. announced Wednesday night his decision to return to college basketball.

The forward's decision to withdraw from the NBA Draft didn't necessarily come as a surprise. However, it does open an interesting avenue for college programs wanting his talents.

Blackshear Jr. already finished his undergraduate degree, now he's in a position to return as a graduate transfer. No surprise here, Kentucky appears to be at the forefront of those discussions by experts. Florida is also considered a possible destination along with returning to Virginia Tech.

While the "current" Hokie hasn't exactly shed much light on his future, the 6-foot-10, 250 pound forward will make an impact where ever he ends up.

"After taking the time to weigh my options, I have decided to withdraw my name from the NBA Draft," he said in his announcement. "I am still evaluating my options for my last year of eligibility and feel extremely fortunate to be in the position that I am in. I look forward to continuing my education and earning a Master's degree while competing in the sport that I love as I continue working toward my goal of playing professionally."

In Blacksburg, last season Blackshear Jr. averaged 14.9 points and 7.5 rebounds per game.

In the past few days, Kentucky already learned they will return big men Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery. Both also decided to withdraw from the NBA Draft. Couple that with Bucknell big man Nate Sestina (who transferred to Kentucky) and now potentially Blackshear Jr. no doubt the Cats would have one of, if not the best frontcourt in all of college basketball. Add them all together and Kentucky very well could be dancing in Catlanta next April at the Final Four.