Taking the reins: Tigh Compton takes over UPIKE's men's basketball program from mentor Kelly Wells

Published: Mar. 16, 2020 at 5:47 PM EDT
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After serving under Kelly Wells for 11 years, Tigh Compton will take over as head coach of the UPIKE men's basketball program.

"Coach Wells has been an unbelievable mentor for me on the floor, off the floor, in life in general," Compton said about Wells, who will now serve solely as UPIKE's athletic director.

Compton was announced as the new head coach on February 26th. He was supposed to take over when the season ended, but he now takes that role on full force with COVID-19 cutting the teams season short.

"In that 12-16 hour window, you go from super excitement and joy for those guys to get that opportunity to just super sadness and you don't really know what to think," Compton said of receiving the news that all NAIA winter championships were canceled on March 12th.

Despite all the confusion and uncertainty surrounding when sports will come back, Compton is ready for the challenge.

"Finding those talented players that also have that everyday kind of approach to come in and just a blue collar mentality. That's gonna be something that hopefully I can hang my hat on."

Compton hopes to follow in Wells's footsteps, as Wells helped UPIKE bring home their first national title in program history in 2011 when Compton was a student assistant.

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