Sick Kentucky mother makes special visit to son's high school football senior night

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BOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - A sick mother who's been told she may not have long to live got to see her son suit up and play one more time.

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Senior nights for every high school are emotional events, signifying for most young athletes the end of their playing careers.

At Boyd County High School on Friday night, for one family, senior night meant so much more.

Doctors have told Vicki Aleshire, who's suffering from a number of health problems, she may not have much time left.

"She's my everything," her son David Yost said. "She raised me all by herself."

"I am so proud of my son and my two daughters," Aleshire said. "Every day they come to the hospital, it gives me a reason to breath."

With it not being clear whether she'll be around to see her son graduate, it was deeply important to her to be there Friday night.

"It means the world to me," the son said. "This is the first game this year she's come out to. She's gotten really sick over the last couple years."

The mother was transported to the field in an ambulance from her nursing care home. She was pulled onto the field on a stretcher alongside her son as he was recognized.

"If I'm positive with my kids, they give me that back," she said.

"She's my inspiration," Yost said. "She shows me how to be brave and never give up."

"I had to stop tears that came to my eyes just knowing I was there," Aleshire said.

The medics who work with the mother say they're inspired and amazed by her positive attitude as well, and it was a treat for them to get to take her to that game.