Report: Former UofL President says university trustee was the “cash source” of payments in basketball scandal

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WYMT)- The Courier-Journal is reporting during a deposition taken last month in UofL’s lawsuit against former university President James Ramsey, former University of Louisville board chairman David Grissom, testified Ramsey had told him a university trustee was the cash source of payments in the stripper scandal for Louisville Basketball recruits.

The publication also said that Steve Pence, Ramsey's attorney, called Grissom’s claim a “complete fabrication,” and that Ramsey “has no reason to believe the board was behind that."

“He (Ramsey) told me that one of his board members was the cash source for paying off the strippers in the stripper incident,” Grissom said in the video deposition. "He never disclosed that to the full board."

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