Pike Central Freshman reaches end zone 7 times

PIKEVILLE, (Ky) WYMT Matt Anderson scored six touchdowns and one two-point conversion Friday against Tug Valley raking up 353 yards.

It's not too common for a freshman to start or play a vital role at the high school level, but in Eastern Kentucky and at Pike Central, Eric Ratliff and the Hawks work with what they have.

"It's not uncommon but it is unique sometimes to start a freshman especially at running back," said Pike Central Head Coach, Eric Ratliff.

One of those freshmen is Matt Anderson.

"I figured it was going to be kind of hard you know, getting into the rhythm of it and playing with these better players," said Freshman, Matt Anderson.

As you would expect from a true freshman.

"I was always nervous I'm always a nervous guy," senior Matt Anderson.

Playing on the Junior Varsity team as an 8th grader has helped calm his nerves.

"Sometimes people think they are better than you and you just gotta put that in your head. It makes you mad and it makes me do better," said Anderson.

Now on Friday nights.

"What he brings to us is a unique size of 230 to 235 pounds who's got good speed," said Ratliff.

Anderson did just that for his team against Tug Valley, scoring 6 touchdowns that counted and rushing for 353 yards in the hawks 80-48 win.

"The whole line and the blockers. I couldn't really do it without them. They work really hard," said Anderson.

Anderson took his first carry of the night to the house, but the touchdown earned more than just 6 points.

"Well one of my friends Eric Perez uh he told me he made a bet at lunch down there at Pikeville," said Anderson.

"I said 'I bet I bet you will do what you done in Elkhorn I bet your break out first play and we'll say there goes Matt again,'" said Matt's friend, Eric Perez.

"While I was running I saw no one behind me I was like 'oh I got this I'm all by myself baby,'" said Anderson.

Now every time Anderson steps on the field.

"It pushes me...it pushes me to get more. I don't know how I'm going to get more than six touchdowns but it makes me feel excited to get ready for the next game," said Anderson.

Pike Central will host Lawrence County on Friday.