Gambrel Toyota Pigskin Previews: Cardinals switch up names, Martin County ready for first year as a school

INEZ, Ky. (WYMT) - It's the start of something new, Sheldon Clark is now Martin County.

It's a new name for a team that wants to prove themselves, but just because the team has switched up names doesn't mean that Martin County won't continue its Cardinal tradition from years past.

"It's a new era," said senior linebacker Chase Damron. "We've got a new school, we're ready to make a name for this team coming up."

"I think it is a new spark, it is a new school," said senior quarterback Drake Muncy. "I think it is going to start some new talking in this town. I think we are going to have a pretty good season."

"It is the same team, same coaches, same history, same program," said Martin County football head coach Josh Muncy. "We definitely want to embrace the Martin County High School for what it is, it is a wonderful place. But we also want to carry on the legacy of the guys that has helped build the Sheldon Clark program as well."

The past two seasons ended in the same result, a 2-8 record. Leaving Sheldon Clark with a 4-16 record under Josh Muncy.

But during that time, upperclassmen have been a premium as well. But now, after several years of hard work and grooming underclassmen, the Cardinals feel like the tables have turned as they go into this year's campaign with more experience than years past.

"I think we are more experienced than other teams, we've got a lot of seniors this year," said Drake Muncy. "I think it is the first time that we can really say that we've got a lot of seniors, a lot of older kids."

"We have some older guys now. My first couple of years, I think my first year I might have had four seniors. My second year I had four or five seniors and we were playing a lot of freshmen and sophomores. Well now those guys are grown up," said Josh Muncy. "I think that experience and just the age carrying into the season is going to help them."

Switching names isn't the only change for the Cardinals, as Martin County gets its start in Class 2A.

The Cardinals new district opponents are Bath County, East Ridge, Prestonsburg, Shelby Valley and West Carter.

Martin County will travel on the road for their first game as a program, visiting the Betsy Layne Bobcats for week one of the season.

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