OBI Mountaineers upping their intensity for this year's campaign

ONEIDA, Ky. (WYMT) - The Oneida Baptist Institute Mountaineers went 14-13 overall last season.

This year the Mountaineers have three seniors on their roster.

The team says that they are focused on picking up their intensity and are becoming more aggressive, and plan to play a fast-paced game.

Overall I think we are going to be competitive on both ends," said Elijah Woods. "Offensively we will be quick, good shooters, running out a lot. Defensively we will be undersized but all that more competitive."

"Really we are just trying to improve each and every game, trying to improve in practice and intensity," said Clayton Hambry.

"Defensively we are going to be more aggressive but we're small, but our offense is going to be fast, shoot the lights out," said Sochi Onuoha.

"Our goal, in 1984 we won the Class "A" State Championship, our goal is to win the Class "A" State Championship," said head coach Dr. Ed Lowdenback. "We think with the right intensity and the right breaks that we can win the Class "A" Region this year."

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