North Laurel announces first ever "Triple Threat Award" recipients

LONDON, Ky. - In an effort to continue the national emphasis and the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s own efforts to de-emphasize sports specialization in the athletic culture, the Association recently launched the “Triple Threat Award” program to recognize those students who participate in high school athletics year round.

The award, which is given to student-athletes who participate in a KHSAA sport or sport-activity on the varsity level during each season of the academic year (fall/winters/spring), will be presented to a total of 1,814 student-athletes for 2017-18.

The first ever “Triple Threat Award” recipients for North Laurel High School are as follows:

-Victor Clark (Boys Cross Country / Boys Basketball / Boys Track & Field)

-Cole Kelley (Boys Golf / Boys Basketball / Baseball)

-Macie Sizemore (Girls Cross Country / Girls Swimming / Girls Track & Field)

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