New faces are set to lead Southwestern as the Warriors strive for new goals

SOMERSET, Ky. (WYMT) - There are plenty of new faces stepping up for the Southwestern Warriors this season after losing six seniors from last year.

Last season, Southwestern went 18-15 overall and finished their season with a visit to the Sweet 16.

This year's group of Warriors are using their chemistry to try and achieve their own set of goals.

"That was special what we did last season for sure, this is just a whole different team," said Andrew Smith. "We've got new goals and we are just going to focus on those and to try to win as much as possible and get back to that position."

"Really we don't try to focus on replacing anyone in specific, we just focus on working hard each and getting better each step of the way," said Hunter Coffey.

"Obviously, the goal is to win Championships, that's the goal," said Chase Eastham. "But there is a lot of things that we have to accomplish before that and there's a lot of things that we like to put before winning championships such as getting better and focusing on each game as a win."

"There will be some growing pains, but they are aware of them. They are a highly intelligent group, this is probably one of the smartest groups that I've ever coached and they understand where they are at," said Southwestern Boys' Basketball head coach Chris Baker. "They understand what it takes and they communicate with each other a lot. They know what is in front of them, and I think they are eager to embrace that challenge."

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