NFHS puts out guidelines, phases for re-starting high school sports

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 6:23 PM EDT
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Even though he doesn’t have all the answers, Johnson Central football and wrestling coach Jim Matney sees the effects of COVID-19 on the youth of Kentucky.

"I wanna say I'm really gravely concerned about the mental health and physical health as far as that goes, of what this is doing to our youth," Matney said. "But you have to remember, I'm a football coach, I'm a wrestling coach, I'm a baseball coach. I'm not a doctor and I'm not a disease specialist."

With the

, all high school sports despite risk level, have a possible path back to resume.

"Just the excitement of getting back in there and touching a volleyball and doing anything to get ready I think is a huge excitement for all of us," Corbin Volleyball Head Coach Vanessa Ross said.

Lower risk sports such as cross country and golf have an easier path to returning, while high-risk sports such as football may take a bit longer to get going. Regardless of where their sport falls on the scale, coaches are ready to do their part in helping bring sports back.

"We got a big season. We wanna get back to playing and get back on the floor, and so if we have to wipe down the balls every time or clean the gym, wipe the door handles - whatever we have to do, we are more than willing to do that just to be back on the floor," Ross said.

"Now we've got this fear of life and fear of uncertainty, and I think that athletics has always been a staple for the youth of Kentucky," Matney added. "Whether it's inner-city or whether it's Appalachia kids, we've always had our athletics to fall back on."

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