NBC Sports' Kenny Rice and his father return to Kentucky every year for Sweet 16

Since 1946, Reginald (Rags) Rice has only missed about six KHSAA Boys' Sweet 16 State Basketball Tournament since 1946.

Kenny Rice, who now works for NBC Sports, remembers tagging along with his dad for the first time when he was 7.

Reginald, 90, is originally from Floyd County Kentucky which is where he got his love for Kentucky High School Basketball.

The two say they love spending time with each other and meeting others who share the same love for Kentucky High School Sports.

"He brought me when I was seven years old, so to me, it was about tradition as much as anything else, and that's why we keep coming back," said Kenny.

"You get to meet so many friends that ordinarily you don't get to meet each day of the year or any time during the year except the Sweet Sixteen as we call it. So I really enjoy it," said Reginald.