'Marco Moments': Wildcats honor Marco and the Shemwell family by wearing their shirts

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WYMT) - The Shemwell family has become like another family to the Wildcat football team. Kentucky has honored Marco several times after his death in September at one of the Wildcat games. They continued honoring him by wearing shirts made by the family.

"Marco Shemwell, his family came up with these, gave them to all the teammates this morning. So it has just words on there," Senior Tight End C.J. Conrad said.

The back of the shirt has a crossword puzzle with the words 'Marco Moments' circled.

"Something the family did that they're working on as a foundation I'm pretty sure," Conrad added. "So we're going to support it 100%."

The gesture was just one of many from the Wildcats to try to honor Marco Shemwell and the other tragedies happening in the Kentucky community.

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