Lynn Bowden Jr. stops in the mountains

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CORBIN, Ky (WYMT)- The former Kentucky Wildcat signing autographs and giving back to fans before heading to the NFL Draft.

The Junior announcing he will not be back in Kentucky Blue after a historic year with the wildcats.

The QB1 from the past season signed autographs took pictures, and of course threw the L's down with fans.

Bowden said he has had fun coming back and meeting the fans who made it all possible.

"You know I just wanted to go all around. They set me up on this beautiful schedule to come out and see all my fans and I've had an amazing time doing it so," said Lynn Bowden Jr. "It is important. They come out there and sometimes sit through rain sleet snow just to see us, so this is the least I can do is to come back here and see them."