Leslie County's Ethan Wolfe runs his way to Player of the Week

Published: Sep. 25, 2019 at 6:55 PM EDT
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Every weekday during the season, teams like Leslie County take to the practice field, preparing together for battle on Friday nights.

But one of their teammates walks up and down the sidelines, inspiring his team.

"Just brings a smile to your face, no matter the circumstances of what is going on," Leslie County Head Coach Eddie Melton said. "It puts things into perspective to have a great kid like that around you."

Ethan Wolfe was born with down syndrome, but on Friday nights, he is just like all of his teammates.

"I had fun, I was excited," Wolfe said, who started playing football in the third grade.

"He plays basketball, football and baseball," Ethan's mom Jessica Whitehead added.

Friday night, the Clay County tigers beat Leslie County 47-30 on the football field.

"Some of the players came up to me and said, 'Coach let's try to get Ethan a touchdown tonight,'" Melton said

While the Eagles couldn't get the win on the field, they did the next best thing.

"It brought everybody together. Even though it was a sporting event, you are trying to win against a rival school, but in the end it brought everyone together," Melton added.

"I was so excited when I scored the touchdown," Wolfe said.

While the touchdown may not have won the game, it's a memory the Eagle running back will never forget.

"It was just wonderful to be able to capture that on film and for him to have that moment with his friends and all the other players on the other team," Whitehead said.

"When he left Friday night, he left with the football. We didn't even try to get it from him. He just left with it," Melton added. "He had it clenched tight, and walked out the doors with a smile on his face."