Harlan County Lady Black Bears look to fill key roles in 2018-19

BAXTER, Ky. (WYMT)- Fresh off a 28-3 season and an appearance in the Sweet 16, the Harlan County Lady Black Bears look to pick up where they left off.

"Last year went well we won the region and went to state," Senior, Katelyn Johnson.

Despite losing a handful of seniors including Blair Green, the Black bears still have high expectations.

"It's tradition and you know our thing is commitment," said Head Coach Debbie Green.

"Blair played a huge role obviously and that's a big loss but we're going to be okay," said Senior, Katelyn Johnson.

"We're not as long and tall this year but we're quick and we're going to use our speed to the best abilities we can," said Senior, Breann Turner.

"We still have a lot of speed and experience like you said we lost height but I mean that's not everything," said Senior, Reanna Middleton.

This offseason the Black bears have been focusing on that, capitalizing on their strengths.

"Coach Green has been killing us on the run so we've definitely conditioned like how we're supposed to," said Senior, Phebe McHargue.

"We're definitely going to look to get up and down the floor and press and you know don't want to get into a half-court game," said Coach Green.

The Black Bears return a healthy mix of experience on the 2018-19 season roster.

"I've had these 4 girls for four years and they've played a lot so they've been a big part of our success here at Harlan County High School so these kids know what to do they could probably coach themselves. They know what I like they know the system," said Coach Green.

Coach Debbie Green will rely on that experience to help get the younger players ready for the next level.

"We have a lot of 8th graders that are talented and freshman and sophomores who lack experience they're just going to have to go on," said Middleton.

While Harlan County would like to pick up where they left off last season, Coach Green has a simple motto for the year take one game at a time.

"I think it's definitely going to be one game at a time for us. I don't care if I'm ranked 1st in the region, or 4th in the region, or 5th or 15th. I think you're going to always get better as the season goes on," said Coach Green.

The Harlan County Lady Black Bears open up the season ranked No. 5 in the girls' Alice Lloyd College Mountain Top 10.

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