Josh Paschal enjoying his time in Orlando after beating cancer

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WYMT) - The Kentucky football team has enjoyed the Orlando sunshine and weather while preparing for the VRBO Citrus Bowl against Penn State. It's a place that most didn't think Josh Paschal would be after he was diagnosed with melanoma cancer in early August. The sophomore fought through the cancer to play in Kentucky's final two wins, and he's enjoying his time in Orlando.

"It's been great, just because you know at the end of the road you gone have fun, and just to see all my brothers just stay so close to me and my coaches and just everybody on the staff being so supportive and everything," Paschal said. "Just their hard work paying off and us being able to go to this bowl game to play against another great team, and just to have fun. Especially being at the amusement park and being able to ride some roller coasters, play some games. It's been fun."

Paschal talked about his faith a lot through his journey and his perseverance.

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