Josh Allen, C.J. Conrad continue their signing tour in Corbin

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CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) "It made me actually not wish for basketball season. Like I was actually excited to watch Kentucky football," Sebastian Wagner said of Kentucky football this past season.

The Wildcats finished the season 10-3 and as VRBO Citrus Bowl champs, which led to signing tours for multiple Wildcats, including Josh Allen and C.J. Conrad.

"Just excited to go to new places. I had never been in Corbin, Kentucky before, but it seems like a nice place so far," Allen said of the Eastern Kentucky town.

The two took pictures with fans and signed everything from photographs to footballs and helmets, whether young like Walker Combs, who got his first chance to meet the 'Cats in person.

"This is the first year that he's started to go to basketball games and football games so he knows all the players," Walker's mother Katie Combs said. "So it's really exciting for him to actually meet them in person."

Or if they were University of Tennessee fans traveling up from Knoxville.

"Well I'm a Tennessee fan, but all my family, they're all Kentucky fans. I was the first person born in Knoxville out of my family," Knoxville native Todd Miller said.

Fans came out in full force to show their appreciation for the two possible NFL draft picks. For most people, Josh Allen seems like a given at this point.

"If I had the number one overall pick in the draft, I'd take Josh Allen. That's how confident I am in his abilities," UK fan Todd Ralston said.

But with his heart problem, C.J. Conrad's future remains up in the air.

"I was pretty disappointed you know. I felt real bad for him cause I'm sure he was - had high hopes for it you know what I mean," Ralston added. "Hopefully he can bounce back from it. I wish him nothing but the best."

However, Conrad said that events like this help him keep his mind off the uncertain future.

"Doing stuff like this really helps me keep my mind off the situation," Conrad said. "To engage with the fans and hang around people like Josh has been really helpful for me."

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