Jalen Taulbee helps the Bobcats clinch the 55th District, earns Player of the Week honors

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JACKSON, Ky. (WYMT) - The Breathitt Couunty Bobcats are on a roll right now.

"We come out and try to give our best every game," Senior Point guard Jalen Taulbee said. "We just play how we should play."

Breathitt County has won six of their last seven games, and a lot of that in part to Taulbee. This past week Taulbee averaged 21 points, nine rebounds, four assists and four steals per game as the Bobcats went 3-0 and clinched the one seed in the 55th district.

"Big players play well in big games, and he's certainly done that," John Noble said, the Bobcats head coach. "He's done that for us - you know this is my second year, and he's done that for us almost exclusively every night."

Noble is right - according to the KHSAA website, Taulbee is second on the team in points and leads the team in rebounding. However he's not an outspoken guy. Taulbee lets his play do the talking.

"When you talk to him, you can probably tell he's very understated," Noble said. "He's not one of these guys that beats his chest and screams and goes on, and draws a lot of attention to himself, but the way he plays the game does draw a lot of attention."

Taulbee uses that same strategy to lead his team.

"I try to do my best to lead by example," Taulbee said. "I don't really talk much, but I try to do what I can to show it on the court."

"He's just a great role model for our younger guys - not just the high school guys, but our middle school is over here now, 7th and 8th is in with the high school over here now, so they get to see him the players do," Coach Noble added. "Not just in practice, but they see how he conducts himself out in the classroom and out amongst the school body in general."

Taulbee and the Bobcats hope that they can keep this momentum as they head toward what is Jalen and this senior class's final chance to get to Rupp Arena.

"As a senior obviously he's wanting to try to make the most out of it, and I think this is definitely a situation where he is extremely competitive and hates losing, I really look for him - even as well as he's played - to try to take it to another level," Coach Noble said.

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