Jackson City Lady Tigers hope chimistry helps in 2018-19

JACKSON, Ky (WYMT)- Jackson City went 12-15 last year but the Lady Tigers are hoping their chemistry leads them to big goals.

The team has 6 seniors this year, but even the younger girls have been playing together and in the system since elementary school!

"They are such a team. We are so bonded and they have messed really well up to this," said coach Britni Back.

"We have played together since we have been in elementary and we know what style we present to everyone and we just play as a team," said Faith Moore

"We have played together a lot as a team already so we are getting stronger and working together a lot," said BreAnna Tincher.

"Having six seniors, It helps our bench. It helps us as a team having 6 seniors," said Megan Ernst.

"Our biggest goal is to win districts and have a winning record so we are working really hard to get there," said Lakyn Fletcher.

"It would be amazing to win the district championship because it has never been done for the girls basketball team," said Breana Stamper