"I'm so proud of them": Bell County falls to Belfry in state title

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYMT) - It's was a night for Pike County football. As Belfry caps off the night taking home their 7th state title.

It was Isaac Dixon leading the way for the Pirates. Opening the game with two touchdowns to one of Bell County's by London Stephanie. In the second half, it was Dixon again putting Belfry just out of reach and then the senior Ben Bentley capping things off. Belfry brings their seventh title in 16 years back to Pond Creek.

"I said it the first week of the playoffs I said guys every team in the state is pretty good there peaking right now we're not even close to playing as well as we can play we just got a play long enough to get to where we can play our best and these last three weeks man we've turned it on these guys have played great which is what I envisioned for them at the first of the year and it just took a little bit longer than normal I'm so happy for them so proud of them they just they've done a fantastic job," says Head Coach Dudley Hilton.