'If you're not a UK fan right now, what are you doing?': Big Blue Nation takes over downtown Orlando

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WYMT) - Day two of WYMT's coverage of the 2019 VRBO Citrus Bowl kicked off Saturday as fans flocked to downtown Orlando for the Florida Citrus Parade. UK's band, cheerleading team and many others filling the streets with blue late Saturday morning.

"If you're not a UK fan right now what are you doing? Get on board! Let's go Cats," said Jason Pike.

Pike lives in Orlando, his daughter graduates from the University of Kentucky in the spring. He's torn about what he's most excited about: Benny Snell going after the most rushing yards in UK's history, Josh Allen being predicted to be a top-five NFL draft pick or the first ten-win season since 1977.

"Stoops troops and the ten win season lets bring it home! New years day!" Pike exclaimed.

He was like many others who made the Florida Citrus Parade a family function. Andrew Beck moved to Orlando from Richmond, Kentucky a couple years ago. He and his young sons are excited about UK coming to town.

"My parents are down from Orlando, as well so we're going to the game on Tuesday," Beck said. "Boys actually gotta shake hands with the Wildcat so they really loved that."

The parade had a little bit of everything, from vintage trucks to segway riders, fans were treated to a celebration of the bowl pick. Tim Couch made an appearance in the parade as UK's honorary representative.
Seeing the streets bleed blue has been the hopes of some long-time Orlando residents.

"We've lived in Florida for 20 years and this is the first time I've come to the Citrus Bowl Parade because I get to see them," said Annie Myers, a UK fan watching the parade.

After the parade, the fans took to the bars and restaurants to watch the UK take on Louisville back in Kentucky.

“We’re here because we’re Kentucky football fans so it’s a big deal for us,” said John Kitchen, a Knott County native who was watching the game with many of his friends from Eastern Kentucky. “And us loyal fans like we’ve been this is what we’ve been waiting for and now we just need to get this win and keep the recruiting going, couldn’t be more exciting.”

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