Eastern Kentucky native creates app for outdoors men and women

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. (WYMT) - There are plenty of apps, like ESPN and Bleacher Report, for lovers of the major sports, such as basketball, football and baseball. However, there is one community of athletes that is usually overlooked and actually receives a lot of discrimination. That community is the outdoor sports community.

Middlesboro native Brad Luttrell wanted to fix that issue.

"I had noticed a trend in the online community for hunters that there was a lot of bullying going on. I even had the thought while I was scouting for deer, thinking "If I get a deer this year, am I even going to want to post this myself."

So, he and his team created the app, GoWild.

"I wanted to found a place that would protect people so that they could post about their passion so they don't have to worry about harassment and to found a social media app that would actually stand up for outdoorsmen and women," Luttrell said."

The app was sent into testing back in the summer of 2017. This past September, it officially launched for both iPhone and Android. In almost a year, the app has gained tens of thousands of users and is adding on average 250 users per day.

"As a hunter, angler or outdoorsman or woman, the one thing that you really want to see is something that you love continue to exist," Luttrell said. "What we've done is created a way that you can mentor people that are just like you or want to learn to do things that you love to do. You can pass that on. People like me who are just now learning to bow hunt. I can post content on to my app and I get great feedback from people. I'm learning to bow hunt right now through the users in the app which is really cool."

Not only can you learn about a specific type of hunting, you can log times and trophies. They have giveaways and recipes available on how you can use your game in the kitchen

Luttrell said, "Our app pulls stories out of people that they wouldn't have told otherwise. They're coming back to the platform to initially log time or log a trophy. Then it's like, well, I'm going to tell about what I saw today. Then it starts a conversation. Then you're building relationships over time."

With these relationships, the GoWild team hopes to have a larger impact on the general population as a whole.

"The thing that we hope we can look back on and see the most change is conservation. We do that through getting more people outside. The people that hunt, fish, buy licenses and buy gear, they're the ones funding all the protection of our wildlife right now. We're trying to get more people back in touch with their roots. We're trying to get people to harvest their own food. 10 years from now, we can look and see that we've positively made an impact, it would be through getting more people outside," Luttrell said.

For more information on this app, you can go to their website.

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