Daniel, Jones to play with clubs...again

LEXINGTON, Ky (WYMT)- University of Kentucky Linebackers Kash Daniel and Jordan Jones will play against Tennessee with hand injuries.

Daniel injured his hand in Week 8 against Vanderbilt while Jones hurt his a week later against Missouri. The two have been playing with giant clubs on their arms, earning the pair a nickname of "The Q-tip Brothers" from Coach Mark Stoops.

After Georgia put the most amount of points and yards on the Wildcats defense with 444 yards and four touchdowns, Daniel talked about the challenges the cast's produce.

"It says a lot about Jordan too," said Kash Daniel after the game. "To play with a broke hand too. People don't understand how hard this is, to go through all of this to put on for your team. I'm not trying to sit here and say 'Oh look, Jordan and Kash are playing hurt' but it's tough. It is tough to tackle especially for linebackers. We have to learn how to tackle with this cast or whatever the hell we have on our hands."

Coach Stoops admitted the clubs were slowing the linebackers down.

"It definitely affects them; it affects us. To what extent - you know I'm sure it's not comfortable for them. I'll say this - they did both do some very good things with those clubs on and you saw - kind of surprised me at times, you know some of the good plays they made, and there are times you could tell, you know, when not having the grip really hurts them."

Coach says the two could be split up in the future.

“We may have to mix it up a little bit.”

Kentucky will play Tennessee Saturday at 3:30, a team that is ranked last in total offense in the SEC.