Dalton Ponder puts up video games numbers to earn Player of the Week

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WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Dalton Ponder continues to put up video game numbers, as the senior QB threw for 340 yards and six touchdowns in Williamsburg's 48-6 win over Frankfort. As with any team, Ponder gives credit to the other ten guys on the field.

"You know my line, they give me good protection. They give me all the time in the world to throw the ball. My receivers make great plays when I catch the ball," Ponder said about his teammates. "I think the first play of the game was a two-yard quick out and then he ran for like 40 yards. I get a lot of good stats that look good for me but in reality, it is my receivers doing the majority of the work."

What makes Ponder's numbers more impressive is the fact that this is his second year playing quarterback at the high school level. Ponder says that he had to overcome the lack of experience.

"First year I made a lot of wrong reads on coverages struggled with making the right decisions, going through my progressions," Ponder said.

Ponder still posted numbers that ranked in the top 10 in the state, with 2,954 passing yards and 35 pass TDs. He hit the field this offseason to somehow improve on those numbers.

"All throughout the offseason, me and coach, he worked with me to get better at my primary reads, going into my secondary reads, going into my checkouts," Ponder continued. "Last year I would go up to the line not sure what I was doing. Now I know what I am doing, I know where to throw it even before I hike the ball."

In addition to his Madden numbers, the quarterback has also stepped up as a leader this year in his senior season.

"We got a bunch of younger kids that are looking up to us that know we work hard and that makes them want to do the say thing. Lead by example," Ponder said. "That is what we say this year. Most kids look up to me and when I say something to them, they listen."

Even with all the buzz surrounding his big numbers, Ponder does not focus on the personal accolades, but the team awards.

"Honestly I really don't," Ponder said when asked about individual awards. "I look at wins and loses and my team. At the end of the season if I win some awards that is cool and that is some extra stuff, but I want to be playing for district regional and state titles."

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