Cordia’s two seniors praised by tournament MVP Anthony Nelson

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LOTTS CREEK, Ky. (WYMT) -- Cordia won the All ‘A’ state championship Sunday in Frankfort with just two seniors on its entire team.

A.J. “Lulu” Chisolm and Zeke Biallas had been through it all – the KHSAA sanctions, the divisions within past teams and state-wide criticism.

Head coach Roderick Rhodes even said schools were trying to pull them away from the program once they knew they could not compete in postseason play.

They didn’t care; they just wanted to ball … together.

They got to do that, and do it on their biggest stage of the year.
The Lions won the All ‘A’ state tournament in team fashion, and while junior combo guard Anthony Nelson led the way in points in a few games, the box scores were filled with guys getting six or seven points, or, six or seven rebounds and a couple blocks.

"I mean that was the goal from the beginning,” Biallas, who hit two big-time threes in the title game versus Murray Sunday, said. “We knew they took us out of the last tournament. We tried to appeal it, we tried to do everything we could but they wouldn't let us back in so, I mean, we took this, and this was our goal -- our Sweet 16. This is ours."
Lulu had lost his 94-year-old grandma two days before the championship.

"I'm just happy. We saw something that we wanted to get and we got it,” Nelson said. “I'm happy for Zeke (Biallas) and (A.J. Chisolm) LuLu because, for four years, they were fighting to get this, and we finally got it."

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