Collett, Kelley make Pineville Volleyball history

PINEVILLE, Ky (WYMT)- Starting up anything is a challenge. For Pineville Volleyball, that is what the last three years have been full off.

"It has been pretty incredible to watch their progress because the first year it was definitely a learning curve because we had 20 girls that have never played volleyball," said Head Coach Samantha North.

The only player on the team who had played organized volleyball was Katrina Collett, a sophomore transfer from Bell County.

"When I moved we got together and I was like we need a Volleyball Team. So I got all the girls that thought they would want to do it. Just sign a piece of paper and we got it. It just happened," said Collett.

One of those girls was Lillie Kelley.

"It was a very big improvement. I use to always play volleyball in our back yard. We always had a game going," said Kelley.

Three years later, Pineville history was made. The two will be the first Pineville Volleyball players to play at the college level.

"It really was a dream come true. I worked so hard to get this and I am overwhelmed it is actually happening," said Collett.

"I'm 5'3. Nobody thinks a little girl can play at a college level being 5'3 with 6'0 girls," said Kelley.

Not only are the Lady Mountain Lions headed to the next level, but also staying together at Alice Lloyd College.

"Let me just tell you a little bit. Lillie has been by my side through everything. Even when it wasn't Volleyball season. We just stuck together and to just have her with me literally means so much like it's my whole heart," said Collett.

"It means a lot for our program just because our girls know they can do that. We might be small, we might be a new program but we can still go out and play at the next level."

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