Central Kentucky high school cheerleaders to perform at Citrus Bowl

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WYMT/WKYT) - A hard-earned journey has landed one team of central Kentucky high school cheerleaders in Camping World Stadium for the Citrus Bowl.

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Sister station WKYT reports the Lincoln County High School cheerleaders won a competition at a cheerleading camp at UK last summer. As a result, the girls were invited to cheer at the Citrus Bowl.

This was before UK was slotted to play in Orlando, but the team was still thrilled at the news.

"I was so excited. I saw the email come through on my phone so I could just see 'Congratulations', and I thought, this is it. This is the email I had been waiting for," said Coach Amy Bastin.

The girls and their parents worked together to raise money for the trip.

"I have an amazing group of parents this year. Like they work together, and they work together for our team," said Bastin. "They're not just working for their girl. It's a teamwork, it's a team effort."

When the team learned that UK and its National Championship cheerleaders would also be at the Citrus Bowl, they were overjoyed.

"It's like a big achievement because just like thinking how their cheerleaders are, and how much we've improved, and how we're building up there. Just knowing that we're going to be there with them, is a great accomplishment for me and my team," said cheerleader Alex Jones.

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