The Hazard Bulldogs feel it's their time to succeed

HAZARD, Ky (WYMT)- There are three seniors on the roster of the Hazard Bulldogs. Each of those players has one last request.

"Just hope we can make an impact in the district and region and have a good year all around. Good physical hard-working year," said Senior, Kyle Johnson.

Hazard returns four starters after finishing one game below .500 the past two years, but the Bulldogs feel this season is different.

"You know you kinda got to take your bumps and bruises but it's our time to try and step up and make something happen," said Junior, Reece Fletcher.

"Well the last few years it's been like a rebuilding process, sophomore and freshman years, it's not the best years but it was growth," said Junior, Jake Johnson.

"I feel good about our kids they had a good summer, they've matured and grown and that means a lot, that experience takes you a long way," said Head Coach, Al Holland.

That added maturity and experience has led to leadership.

I feel like if I can bring all my guys together then we'll have a pretty great year, make sure everybody keeps their head, play hard, play for what's on the chest," Senior, Dylan Combs.

"You know Hazard's full of tradition, it's just everything that Hazard means and represents, it's special," said Senior, Daniel Miller

As the underclassmen becoming upperclassmen, they are ready to take the next step.

"We're trying to play faster this year and we're trying to get up after teams and get up and down the floor, I just feel like everybody's really bought in this year," said Junior, Mason Collins.

Players buying in like Logan Hall giving up football for basketball.

"I just felt like this team had a really good future and if we wanted to really be something, we had to put in the work," said Junior, Logan Hall.

Proving the team already has heart.

"Mindset is just go out and play hard every night and if we do that should come our way about every time," said Sophomore, Wade Pelfry.

The Hazard Bulldogs come in at No. 7 in the preseason boys' basketball Alice Lloyd College Mountain Top 10.

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