Breathitt County Bobcats are focused on the 14th Region title

JACKSON, Ky. (WYMT) - The Breathitt County Bobcats have their eyes on the price, and that prize is?

"Regional Championship is about the only thing we think about," said senior guard Kyle Fraley.

"Win the 14th region. Pretty much all we think about," said senior forward Marty Fugate.

"I think it is to try and get the 14th region and to just make a statement in the region," said senior guard Jalen Taulbee.

The Bobcats made a first-round exit in the regional tournament last season. This year, the guys say that they have upped their strength in an effort to make even more noise come post-season time.

"I think the biggest thing for us coming out of last season was that we had to get stronger physically," said Breathitt County basketball head coach John Noble. "We weren't very strong. We tried to play physical, but some teams in the region were physically stronger than we were. So we really addressed that in the offseason."

"Get in the weight room and get stronger, that's what killed us last year," said Fraley. "We weren't physically tough but I think this year we are more than ready for any competition that comes our way."

The Bobcats look to use that new strength to play physical defensively and play fast when they have possession of the ball.

"Our offense is going to be fast paced and just go at people on defense, just pressuring them," said Fugate.

"Defensively we are going to be pretty tough," said Taulbee. "We are going to be long and put a lot of pressure on people. Offensively I think we will be pretty fast and just try to run people to death."

"Defensively we are going to get up in you and play man and play physical," said JT Ohair. "Offensively we will share the ball really well and shoot the ball really well."

The 14th region is a tough region to compete in, and this group of Bobcats recognizes the challenge.

"It is going to take everything that we got of each and every one of us," said Taulbee. "110-percent from everybody."

"Just work as hard as we can, be tougher than everybody," said Fugate.

"Just be able to play through anything," said Noble. "You have got to be able to handle not just the lows but the highs, you got to be able to have that slow heartbeat sometimes in sports. But for us, it's just to be able to play through anything."

"Everybody just being on the same page, and everybody just wants the same goal," said Fraley. "Just go out there and play every game like it is our last."

The Breathitt County Bobcats come in at No. 8 in the boys preseason Alice Lloyd College Mountain Top 10.

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