Braxton Beverly gives back to the mountains, hosts camp at Red Bird

BEVERLY, Ky. (WYMT) - Braxton Beverly made his return to the mountains for his own basketball camp at Red Bird Christian School Monday afternoon.

The Hazard native, like many other eastern Kentucky natives, wanted to host his own camp to give back to the mountains.

Beverly said that every athlete and person in the mountains have their own struggles, but he says that he, along with fellow mountain athletes, had a different vision for their future.

"We've all had our struggles between me and Justin (Johnson), Camron Justice, Katie (Moore), Whitney Creech who's at Western (Kentucky). We've all had our struggles," said Beverly. We've all had our people who tell us, 'Why are you dreaming that high? Just go play little small college around Kentucky or something or maybe Virginia or something.' Just come back and start working. But we all had a different vision for ourselves, we all believed in ourselves."

Beverly also said that he wants kids to be as successful as they can possibly be, despite what others think.

The Hazard native is going into his junior year at NC State.

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