Best friends throw back to back no-hitters

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky (WYMT)- With the 2019 High School Baseball season winding down, teams are finding their stride as they strive to play their best baseball before heading to postseason play.

"I really wasn't thinking about what was going on. I was just worried about throwing strikes and doing what I come out here to do," said Junior Pitcher, Matthew Combs.

On Wednesday Night, Matthew Combs threw a no-hitter against Betsy Layne.

"Well I just think in high school it's hard to throw a single no-hitter," said Floyd Central Coach, Shawn Hager

The next night.

"Normally I just try to ignore the fact that it could be a no-hitter or anything like that because I don't want to jinx it," said Junior Pitcher, Chase Conley.

Chase Conley shut out the Wildcats again giving Floyd Central its back to back no-hitters.

"Once I hit about the six thinning I start to get that feeling," said Conley.

Back to back no-hitters are special for any pitching rotation, but Chase and Matt's relationship off the mound makes all the difference.

"We've been friends ever since we was little. Played peewee together all the way up until now," said Matt Combs.

"We help each other a lot. It's pretty great to be able to do that with one of your best friends," said Chase Conley.

While the stat goes to the pitcher specifically, no-hitters are definitely a team effort.

"Having the defense behind you, it helps tremendously. Whenever you are confident you're gonna be able to throw a lot better," said Conley.

"For a pitcher to throw strikes back, they always know that they got back up," said Combs.