Michele Chamberland's family recipe for holiday dumplings

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Granny Jean's holiday dumplings
(2) 32 oz. chicken broth
4 small cans of biscuits
1 onion
Black Pepper

- Brown onions in olive oil in a large stew pan

- Unroll biscuits and cut into thin slices

- Add chicken broth to stew pan with spices. Bring contents of pan to a boil

- Dip sliced biscuits in flour, making sure each slice is covered in flour

- Add biscuits to boiling chicken broth

- Place lid on pan, slightly covered allowing dumplings to simmer

- Stir often. Once dumplings are no long floating turn temperature down and allow dumplings to cook.

May take an hour to cook; depends on thickness of original slices.

I'll never forget spending holidays at my grandmother's house growing up. It was always exciting to have the entire family together under one roof. Her home was, is and always will be a special place for me. Her cooking is pretty special too! I would have to say her dumplings are a favorite side dish for my brother and me. She still makes a batch for us every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now that I have my own children I try to make Granny Jean's famous dumplings every holiday season; my four-year-old daughter loves helping me make "GG Jean's dumlins"!

Michele Chamberland, WKYT-TV

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