Chef Jeannie Burchett's Kentucky Hot Brown


6 Tbls. butter
6 Tbls. flour ( for roux)
3 cups milk
6 Tbls. grated Parmesan cheese
1 cup grated white cheese, your choice...I like creamy melting ones
1 cup sauteed mushrooms
6 1/2 in slices roasted turkey
6 1/2 slices baked ham
8 to 10 slices buttered and toasted Texas Toast
8 t0 10 stripes of crisp fried bacon
6 to 8 slices fresh ripe tomato


Melt butter in medium size sauce on medium heat; add flour and stir well to blend until all flour is absorbed with the butter; slowly add milk and whisk until smooth;
add 4 Tbls. parmesan cheese; cook until sauce thickens, do not boil
remove from heat fold in 1 cup grated white cheese; salt and pepper to taste; blend until smooth

For each Hot Brown place 2 slices of buttered toast on a flameproof dish; layer on turkey, mushrooms, and ham; cover with a generious amount mornay cheese sauce;
top with remaining Parmesan cheese and place under broiler until just brown and bubbly

Remove from broiler; cross 2 pieces crisp bacon on top and then top with sliced ripe tomato; SERVE IMMEDIATLY!

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