Sustainable Cooking & Shopping Tips

Saving money & getting the highest quality & flavor is where it’s at these days; so here are some tips on getting the best of both. These ideas will stretch your budget and make your meals easier & healthier.

1. Plan your Meals- Daily Dinners & Menus for the week. No Impulse Shopping & No convenience foods.

As you plan the menu, clip coupons & look for specials that go with your items. Make a list of items in the recipe then look your pantry & frig to make sure you need them. Always use dated items first. Stick to the list & you will cut your cost.

2. Make Ahead Dishes- Investing Time in the Kitchen will save big later.

After choosing your menu & purchasing the items needed take time to prep & get ready all the items you can, even cooking some dishes ahead will save valuable time when preparing meals. Consider making all foods for your family from scratch. This ensures that leftovers are fresher and do not contain as much preservatives. Use leftovers for lunches & even shortcut meals, such as quesadillas, soups & sandwiches.

3. Stick to Seasonal Items- Use fresh seasonal produce & have the Butcher cut & weigh your meats, fish, & poultry.

Look for the freshest ingredients available. These will taste better, be healthier & last longer. Wash & dry all items before storing. Always follow proper guidelines & never cross contaminate foods. Buy a Whole Chicken & cut it up yourself…. every dollar counts. Cook tougher cheaper cuts of meat in the crock pot it tenderizes them more. Remember using protein sources such as beans, eggs & nuts to get your nutrients more cost efficiently.

4. Prepare Freezer Friendly foods- When your budget has room, use a day to cook up quantities & freeze.

If you have the extra time & money utilize it for freeing your family favorites. Soups, Stews, Meatloaf, Chili, Burgers, even sweets, such as cakes & pies. Fresh batch cookies can be frozen before or after baking.

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