Recipes for 12/5

Banana Pepper Bake

1 Jar of hot or mild banana peppers
1 large pkg grated chedder cheese
5 eggs; well beaten

Beat eggs and cheese. Place peppers in flat baking dish. Pour egg mixture over peppers and bake at 350 degrees until firm. Cut in squares and serve hot.

Country Ham Salad

2 cups chopped country ham
1 Tbl sour cream
1 Tbl pickle relish
Mayonnaise to taste

Place ham in food processor and chop until fine. Add sour cream, relish and mayo. Mix to a good thickness so it is spreadable. Serve with crackers in a ball or spread on bun with lettuce.

Order hams for the holidays by calling 859-987-2702 or faxing to 859-987-0937 or emailing

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