Workers with KVEC seek innovation in rural teaching with podcasts

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Two women with the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative are producing podcasts to communicate teaching methods throughout rural areas.

Willa Johnson and Tanya Turner are Community Engagement Coordinators through KVEC; when they researched education in rural areas, they noticed a serious gap, something that was almost non-existent.

The goal was to spread innovation and teaching methods throughout rural education systems, but the idea to do it through podcasts... was innovative in itself.

A podcast can be compared to an audio book, but instead of one voice, producers of podcasts can gather interviews to add perspective. Instead of one long book, a series can be broken down into episodes. With that being said, Johnson and Turner started the podcast FIREshare - which stands for Fueling Innovation in Rural Education.

Turner says, the objectives to the podcast episodes are, "basically just trying to document some of the most inspirational and impressive stories we have about how we are problem solving."

This week, the team released their second episode of FIREshare and are hoping it will catch on to the rest of rural america.

Johnson says, "It's important to be reaching out to those communities because that's where so many of our leaders come from; so we should be investing in those communities along with inner city schools."

The podcasts are easy to listen to on your morning commute, or while you're getting ready. You can search "FIREshare" in iTunes to download episodes, or you can visit the link below.