Woman charged with missing woman's murder pleads not guilty

Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 12:54 PM EST
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A woman facing charges of murder in Pulaski County pleaded not guilty on Friday.

Police say Danelle N. Powell killed LeaAnna Brumley, who went missing in May 2019. A search team recovered part of her remains in rural Pulaski County.

Powell appeared in court Friday morning for the standard arraignment. She entered a not guilty plea and a preliminary hearing was set for next Wednesday.

The judge decided Powell would be held under no bond.

that Brumley was shot and hit with a hatchet before her body was burned.

Family said Brumley was a couch-crasher who frequently stayed with friends and others she met on social media. They fear she simply made some bad choices that put her in Powell's company.

"Why would she pull the trigger to do it? Why did she think it was okay to take LeeAnna's life?" asked Faith Duggins, Brumley's sister. "What was so bad that she took LeeAnna's life?"

Two others are named as suspects and are being held in jail on unrelated charges. Police say Corky Hendricks and his cousin Gerald Avalon Hendricks will possibly face additional charges from a grand jury, which meets in early December.

A woman at the courthouse Friday morning said she was a victim of Gerald Hendricks.

"I thought I was going to die," the woman said.

We are not identifying the woman because she said she was kidnapped and then raped.

"I know that could have been me. I hate it for her family. Trying to fight for her like I am fighting for myself," said the woman.

She came forward to tell her story because she believes there are other victims and could be more if Gerald is set free.

"Avalon was the type to lure girls who were homeless, didn't have anywhere to go, no family," she said.

The Pulaski County coroner said the state medical examiner is still working to identify the burned bones found where police believe Brumley was killed.