Woman charged for stabbing mother, hitting her in the head with skillet

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Pikeville Police Department was called to a home in Pikeville where a woman stabbed her mother.

Ashley Estoll is the woman accused of stabbing her mother, Urshella Hamilton.

Police arrived at the home and found Hamilton sitting in a chair with blood on her face and neck.

Police were told by people in the home that Estoll stabbed Hamilton several times in the neck, head, and upper torso area.

Police also said Estoll struck Hamilton in the head with a cooking skillet.

When police tried to arrest Estoll she said, "I'm not going anywhere." It took two police officers to force Estoll's arms behind her back.

In the home police also found a large fixed blade kitchen knife with blood on it as well as Hamilton's hair. The cooking skillet was also found in the home.

Hamilton was transported to Pikeville Medical Center due to a large cut on her neck near a major artery.

Estoll was charged with assault in the first degree and resisting arrest.

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