Wolfe County High School student in custody, gun confiscated

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WOLFE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Wolfe County School officials made a safety announcement to parents regarding a weapon found on campus Friday morning.

The Wolfe County Board of Education said they got a tip of a possible weapon at the high school.

School officials quickly tracked down the student in question. After searching the student, they found a handgun and confiscated it.

The 16-year-old student is in custody. Their identity will not be released as they are a minor.

"We feel confident that all students are safe," the board of education posted on Facebook. "WCHS will remain on lockdown until law enforcement has thoroughly checked our school. We continue to encourage everyone to contact us with tips about student safety."

Sister station WKYT reports there was no indication that the student planned to hurt anyone at the school. The district said parents were notified an hour after administrators got the tip.

Some parents expressed frustration because when they came to pick up their kids, they were not allowed to. Wolfe County Superintendent Kenny Bell said the procedure was put in place as a security measure to prevent interference with police response time.

"My sister came up here to pick up my kids and she was like, 'they won't let us have them,' and I was like, 'that won't work. These are my kids. That's my kids' life in there,'" said Martina Carroll.

Other parents said they want more security at the school, like metal detectors, but Bell said it is too costly. However, Bell did say he is thinking about renting the metal detectors for next week and hiring a school resource officer.

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