With Love From Harlan reaches $90,000 in donations for Blackjewel miners

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HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Blackjewel miners have stayed on the railroad tracks for more than six weeks, waiting for answers and their pay.

"It's like a merry go round. It keeps goin' and goin' and goin' and they don't ever intend to stop it. It's aggravating," said miner David Lee Pratt Jr.

It often seems hopeless, but one thing keeps them going.

"It's been amazing. Support rolled out from everywhere. They've supported us in many different ways. Donations, they've poured in over top of each other," said Pratt.

One non-profit organization, With Love From Harlan, has been the backbone of that support.

"Us being the middle man, we get to give those gifts and it's very very touching. Some of these people they cry, they want hugs which is fine we give hugs," said Leslie Bledsoe the president of With Love From Harlan.

Since this all began, the non-profit has received $90,000 in donations for the miners.

"Most of it has been from Harlan, but we've had some donations come from Louisville, Lexington, we've had a couple from North Carolina, South Carolina," said Bledsoe.

This money has been given out in the form of gift cards, food vouchers, diapers, and even bill payments.

"A gentleman from Perry County came and he gave us $10,000 to go towards shoes and backpacks," said Bledsoe.

Bledsoe says these miners are thankful for every penny they receive.

"We're gonna be here until the end, and if they need any supplies for camp we'll be here to get them," said Bledsoe.

With Love From Harlan helps the whole community. They give free meals, clothing, and even help addicts get back on their feet.

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